Alocasia  Dragon Scale Plug
Alocasia  Dragon Scale Plug
Alocasia  Dragon Scale Plug
Alocasia  Dragon Scale Plug
Alocasia  Dragon Scale Plug
Alocasia  Dragon Scale Plug

Alocasia Dragon Scale Plug

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  • Perfect Plant For Your Jungle
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Eye-catching Design: With its shimmering leaves that resemble dragon scales, the Alocasia Dragon Scale is one of the most eye-catching houseplants. Based on its textured leaves, it is easy to see where it gets its breath taking name.

Easy to Care: Alocasia Dragon Scale is a low- maintenance houseplant that loves bright, indirect light and is thirsty for water. A south or west facing window would give ideal light for this plant. If you start to notice drooping or cupping leaves, it is a sign she is thirsty! Keep in mind that these are tropical plants who can go dormant in cooler months – they prefer a temperature of 50 degrees Fahrenheit or higher to stay happy!

Sold Rooted in a Plug: Our plants are sold rooted in a plug with care instructions and a tracking number included. This jewel variety of Alocasia is relatively compact and remains a manageable size for a houseplant, typically making it an excellent choice for an indoor plant!

You will be receiving an Alocasia Dragon Scale very similar to the photos shown in this listing. It is sold thoroughly rooted, in plug form, packed with love & care. We take great care in packing your plant to ensure it arrives in pristine condition, and for your peace of mind, every order comes with a tracking number.

All plants are shipped Priority via USPS. At check out, there will be an option to upgrade your. Once a tracking number has been added to your order, please allow 2 to 5 business days for processing. Tracking will update the day your package has been packed up to join your jungle.

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Sunlight Requirement

Although in each region the sun strength can vary quite a bit, you can use this as a guideline for the light levels in your plants new home

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