Philodendrons are native to diverse tropical habitats in South America and the West Indies. The great news is that this gorgeous species also thrives indoors, and many varieties are considered easy to care for, so you don't need a green thumb to enjoy them. The Philodendron family is a pretty big one, tooso you can find a variety of plants that grow in a range of shapes, sizeand colors. 

      Orange Lake Nursery is your one-stop destination for Philodendron plants. Whether you are looking for a rare collectible or want to add attractive colors and textures to your existing home jungle, we stock many varieties of the popular species. Find out more about this giant exotic plant species. 

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      What Does Philodendron Mean? 

      Few plant species are as popular for houseplants as Philodendrons, and there are a few good reasons for this. But, have you ever wondered what the species' name means? The word “philodendron” comes from the Greek words “philo-,” which means love, and “dendron,” which means tree. Putting both terms together, Philodendron means “tree loving” or “tree hugging.” Since these lush plants grow best in dappled light, they have most often been found growing close to trees, which earned them their charming name. 

      What Makes Philodendrons So Special?

      Philodendrons love warm, humid conditions with plenty of indirect light. Some varieties can grow to impressive sizes, while others are content in small pots. Foliage varies considerably between Philodendron varieties — some plants even have different leaf shapes on the same plant! 

      Juvenile leaves can differ entirely from adult growth, so don't be surprised when the tiny Philodendrons you are nurturing from tissue culture plantlets start developing adult leaves and change appearance. It's all part of the natural growing process of this attractive plant species. 

      Some reasons why we love Philodendrons and stock so many varieties at Orange Lake Nursery is because:

      • There are numerous varieties with different leaf shapes, sizes and interesting colors.
      • They are excellent houseplants that add instant jungle vibes to any setting.
      • They are prized as beneficial, air-purifying plants.
      • Many varieties are easy to care for and perfect for novice plant owners. 

      Which Philodendron Should You Choose? 

      Orange Lake Nursery stocks over 200 Philodendron options, so you are sure to find the perfect variety for your setting. If you have grow lights or a warm environment where your plant will get indirect sunlight, we have everything else you require to grow these tropical plants successfully. Contact us to learn more about our gorgeous collection of tropical tree huggers, or shop for your newest Philodendron from our collection now!