Who Is Orange Lake Nursery?

Orange Lake Nursery started in 2020 when Frank fell in love with the unique Gulf Coast landscape. Its lush deep greens, vibrant reds, and candy cane oranges immediately caught his eye. Being born and raised in Maryland, you could always find Frank playing in the extensive garden his family planted yearly. Florida is quite the change from the Red Maple trees and Christmas Ferns he grew up with, but it created the well-rounded expertise and the foundation he needed to pursue and create this family business.

While Frank likes to keep his hands dirty tending to the plants, you can find his wife Stacey tending to the business side of things. Stacey was born and raised in Rhode Island but found her way to Florida in 2015. She thrives watching Orange Lake Nursery grow into what it has become today.

Located in Pinellas County, we are known for our crystal-clear beaches and near perfect climate. OLN started as a home-based business selling Desert Rose Seeds & Spanish Moss. We never thought it would grow into what it has become today. We owe it all to our awesome employees & even better customers. The big guys may be able to beat us in price & selection, but we will never let them beat us in customer service! It is our goal to ensure each customer finds the perfect plant for their pot. Each plant has its own likes and needs, and we are confident and happy to help you find the best plant for your projects and lifestyle. Whether you’re a novice or an expert, we welcome you to start or continue your journey with us. Just as we take personal care of our plants, we also take a personal approach with each client.