Steps to Acclimate Your Tissue Culture

If you're excited to get your new tissue culture plantlets growing, it's important to take your time to properly acclimate them to their new environment. Here are some steps you can follow to ensure a successful acclimation process for your philodendrons or any other tissue culture plant:

Step 1: Let the Culture Settle In

Once you receive your tissue culture plantlets, resist the urge to do anything for the first 1-2 days. Allow the culture to adjust to its new temperature before taking any further steps. Remove the pack of cultures from the paper it was packed in but do not remove them from the plastic flasks. Let them settle in an area that the temperature does not fluctuate. A grow cabinet is great or even your kitchen counter! Just be aware of AC/Heat vents.

Step 2: Wash Away the Gel

Open the package and carefully wash away as much of the jelly as possible. Any remaining gel can promote mold growth, so it's important to clean it off thoroughly. Our rule of thumb: If you think you have cleaned the cultures enough, clean them 3 more times! Make sure the "final wash" is with running water so it is fresh water that removes the last of any remaining residue.

This link will show you exactly how we rinse the plantlets thoroughly

Step 3: Plant the Culture

Plant your tissue culture in a 2-inch plastic pot using the chunky medium of your choice, giving the plantlets a good drink of water before enclosing them. Allow the water to drain before sealing the container. The medium that we use on all tissue cultures is included in our acclimation kits. It is a blend of chunky coco husk & perlite. 

This link will show you exactly how we pot the plantlets

This link will show you exactly how much water to add to your plantlets prior to placing them into the humidity domes

Step 4: Provide Light

Place the enclosed pot under a grow light and leave it be for 5-7 days. We have our grow lights on for 12 hours a day. Depending on your grow lights, you can start at 8 hours & build up to 16 hours. Make sure the cultures are in 100% humidity (an enclosed container) & grow lights are a must. Cultures will not do well with just natural light. 

This link will show you the domes we use in our acclimation kits to give the plantlet 100% humidity

Step 5: Gradually Expose to Ambient Air

Leave the plants covered for the first 7 days, then gradually expose them to ambient air over the next 7-10 days. Begin by adding an hour of natural light and air every few days, increasing the exposure each time until the plantlets are fully acclimated to their new environment. We unfortunately can not provide an exact time table for exposing your new culture to air/light as every environment is different. If your culture is droopy following an increase in ambient air, skip the next day of exposure & try the following day.

It can take some time to learn the proper steps to acclimate & deflask. There is unfortunately a learning curve but once you learn the steps & adjust to your specific environment; it is extremely rewarding! If you ever have questions on the process, feel free to reach out to us via email! We are always happy to help!

Here is a link to our step by step for Philodendrons. Although the steps are completely the same, it may be helpful to watch us acclimate a bit smaller plantlets

By following these steps and taking the time to properly acclimate your tissue culture plantlets, you'll give them the best possible chance for healthy growth and development. Remember to do your own research and adjust your acclimation process as needed based on your environment and specific plant species.