Monstera Thai Constellation (4in)-885
Monstera Thai Constellation (4in)-885
Monstera Thai Constellation (4in)-885

Monstera Thai Constellation (4in)-885

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Introducing the Monstera Thai Constellation –  This extraordinary Monstera variety showcases enchanting variegated leaves reminiscent of a starlit night, making it one of the most desired plants in the plant world

Celestial Variegation: The Thai Constellation Monstera boasts spectacular leaves adorned with celestial-like variegation. Splashes of cream and white against deep green create a mesmerizing pattern, resembling constellations scattered across the night sky. Each leaf is a work of art, making this Monstera a true gem.

Stellar Presence: Elevate your indoor jungle with a touch of the cosmos. Whether as a centerpiece or a star in your plant collection, the Thai Constellation Monstera brings an ethereal presence that complements a range of interior styles.

Maintenance for the Constellation: Despite its cosmic appearance, caring for the Thai Constellation is simple. They do not bind being a bit root bound, so try to keep her snug in a pot with very well draining soil. She does not like to be overwatered & can be prone to root rot if given too much to drink. 

Transform your home with the celestial allure of the Monstera Thai Constellation – You will be receiving the exact Monstera Thai Constellation shown in this listing. It is sold thoroughly rooted, in a 4 inch pot, packed with love & care. You will receive a tracking number so you can follow its journey to your jungle. 

All plants are shipped Priority via USPS. At check out, there will be an option to upgrade your. Once a tracking number has been added to your order, please allow 2 to 5 business days for processing. Tracking will update the day your package has been packed up to join your jungle.

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