Firestick Cactus Plug
Firestick Cactus Plug
Firestick Cactus Plug
Firestick Cactus Plug
Firestick Cactus Plug

Firestick Cactus Plug

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  • Perfect Plant For Your Jungle
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This girl is ON FIREEEEE - introducing the Firestick Cactus, a unique cacti which grows in bushes of colorful linear stems. These Firestick Cacti are easily “sun-stressed” which turns the tips of the sticks red, adding a pop of color to your decor.

Easy to Care: The fast-growing Firestick Cactus is low maintenance and drought-tolerant, meaning it can handle a period of neglect. She prefers full sun and for well draining to dry out completely before being watered again. 

You will be receiving a Firestick Cactus similar to the one in the photos shown in this listing. It is sold thoroughly rooted, in plug form, packed with love and care. We take great care in packing your plant to ensure it arrives in pristine condition, and for your peace of mind, every order comes with a tracking number.

All plants are shipped Priority via USPS. At check out, there will be an option to upgrade your. Once a tracking number has been added to your order, please allow 2 to 5 business days for processing. Tracking will update the day your package has been packed up to join your jungle.

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Sunlight Requirement

Although in each region the sun strength can vary quite a bit, you can use this as a guideline for the light levels in your plants new home

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