Calathea Mosiaca Plug
Calathea Mosiaca Plug
Calathea Mosiaca Plug
Calathea Mosiaca Plug
Calathea Mosiaca Plug

Calathea Mosiaca Plug

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Introducing the Calathea Mosaica, this exquisite plant, also known as the Network Calathea, boasts striking mosaic-like patterns on its leaves, resembling intricate hand-painted artwork.

Visual Spectacle: The Calathea Mosaica isn't just a plant; its distinctive foliage features a network of veins and intricate details, creating a visual spectacle that changes with the play of light. With its moderate care requirements and adaptability to various light conditions, this Calathea is perfect for those who enjoy a bit of a challenge in finding the perfect plant spot. 

Uniquely Patterned: Glossy, intricate foliage that resembles a mosaic pattern. Like other prayer plants in its family, it raises and lowers these leaves from day to night, a phenomenon called nyctinasty! Calathea are collected and prized for their uniquely patterned foliage. You'll find all types of colorful foliage within this genus, from bright pink neon to deep red to yellow and white -- Calathea has it all!

You will be receiving a similar sized plant as shown in this listing. It is sold thoroughly rooted, in plug form, ready to be potted in a 2 inch pot, packed with love & care. You will receive a tracking number so you can follow its journey to your jungle. 

All plants are shipped Priority via USPS. At check out, there will be an option to upgrade your. Once a tracking number has been added to your order, please allow 2 to 5 business days for processing. Tracking will update the day your package has been packed up to join your jungle.

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Sunlight Requirement

Although in each region the sun strength can vary quite a bit, you can use this as a guideline for the light levels in your plants new home

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